Susan Collins, in Lead of 10 Republicans Seeking to Court Biden on Pandemic Relief Compromise, Said She Was Pleased With the Meeting, Able to Look Past Biden’s Repeated Slurs Directed Her Way

“I think he’s learned his lesson,” Susan Collins said after the expletive laced meeting with Joe Biden. “Sure, he called me some pretty horrendous things and more than once suggested I was ‘cleary the submissive type, willing to take a lot of abuse from unruly men,’ and that he ‘liked that in a woman.’ But the important thing is to continue a positive relationship with people who are in office and not rock the boat.”

Susan and her fellow GOP tried repeatedly in the meeting to get Biden to stay on topic of a budget compromise on Pandemic relief. However Biden seemed more intent on chatting with his more vocal supporters on zoom calls during the meeting time, at one point mocking the mentally disabled with an old frat bro from his home town. Collins looked aside, and cleared her throat, and after Biden told the yelling drunk man on the Presidential televisor blaring in the center of the oval office “hang on, I’m got some bleedy-eyed ***** here”, she momentarily seemed to almost consider raising an issue with his behavior. But she simply asked politely that they get down to business, and once again turned her eyes downward.

Collins and the 10 moderate Republicans courting Biden on this issue came out of the meeting seeing many good signs that they could proceed, and assured reporters she would get the torn portion of her skirt back at a later time, when she had less pressing affairs elsewhere.

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