Marjorie Taylor Greene Gives Presser Following Committee Losses, Says She Wants to Support American People, Will Do So By Harming Other Americans She Will Increasingly Fend Off From Her Narrowing Mental View


In the latest public declaration from the GOP on what it’s up to these days, Marjorie Taylor Greene is hoping the country can become more unified and loving. Of course, the subtext screaming from every move she makes, makes it clear the only acceptable path to do so is by supporting her and Trump who ‘owns the GOP- it’s his party’. Clearly positioning herself to become a higher up in the hoped for American fascist movement, MJT –as the OAN News Network wants to push as parallel iconography to AOC (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)– is coming out swinging with refusals to apologize for calling for the execution of Democratic lawmakers, followed by swift anger at news outlets that they have not accepted her apology, which never happened. It is hard to say if she has any sincerity left in her, already at this early date, or if she is already given over completely to the photography flash and power hunger. After declaring it felt wonderful just to even admit she had made mistakes… on a world stage.. while making the same mistakes in the press conference where she admitted this… it is arguable she is already too far gone. But I for one look forward to seeing her in many public television appearances as a vital force for entertainment. She is definitely a good joke in the dying days of American rationality. If she can make filling a child’s classroom with guns sound like a good argument to anyone, they are already so far into hell I can’t see any possibility of trying to get them to reconsider at this point. I’m sure this type of rhetoric of absolutism that can’t even bother to watch its own step will lead us to wonderful places, just you watch an— aahhh shit. I fell down some stairs.

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