Collective Neural Network of GOP Senators Ahead of Impeachment Vote Believed to Have Been Hacked – And Likely to Be Rigged

If you look at the facts, clearly these votes should come down in a certain manner. For anyone who has a mind not rigidly locked in through some subverted hack, the reality is Trump should be voted guilty and impeached, but GOP senators seem to line up along some strange through-line. The worry is that their collective neural network has been hacked, and that their brains are not free to make the right decision.

Conspiracy theories are already being put forward that this is a glitch in the software they run their hive mind on, which some believe is liable to such faults. GOP assures that they are attacking the proceedings of the impeachment on ground of ‘process’. But some leaked systems operations reports show every GOP member who is pushing this has a covert SUB-PROCESS running in their systems tray.

Has the GOP mind been hacked by some powerful force? Or is this just the usual bugs of running a hyper-connected parliamentary system in the 21st century? Some fringe elements are even suggesting this is something at fault in their souls, their spines, their bitch-whipped Trump-ass-licking joy, and the comfort of wearing knee pads all day every day when someone finds something easy to kiss at.

Regardless, this impeachment trial is likely to leave many having strong feelings about the outcome. Some members of the Senate are potentially looking at having their entire neural network dissected by clearer minds in years ahead, to expose their thinking in these important coming hours, to see exactly what the fuck they are thinking.

7 thoughts on “Collective Neural Network of GOP Senators Ahead of Impeachment Vote Believed to Have Been Hacked – And Likely to Be Rigged

  1. Actually I believe they are simply afraid to do the right thing because they are afraid their constituents will not vote them in again the next time around. It is my opinion that getting a seat in Government is no longer as much “Serving The People” as it is “Advancing One’s Own Self-Interests” and “Protecting The Job.”

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    1. I think you’re right. My piece here is a kind of satire if you didn’t realize it. But it is pretty much in agreement with what you are saying. I think the GOP especially under Trump has given up ‘leading’ as much as placating their base and their worst impulses in order to gain stronger following. Once you give up your own conscience and start letting the sentiments of the mob rule you run into some dangerous areas.


      1. Hey! Satire is often a more accurate portrayal of truth than straight journalism could ever hope to be. Keep uo the great work and understand that you have now gained another appreciative reader.

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      2. Like this piece talks about ‘neural networks’ which are a thing in Artificial Intelligence (robots)… this satire was kind of calling the GOP robots in a ‘hive mind’ (enforced group thinking) — a lot of my writing is through the lens of newer technologies. I am coming from a genre known as ‘cyberpunk’ with a lot of my takes. So look out for that, and keep commenting! I appreciate it!

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