Complex American Hero Larry Flynt’s Death Occasioned Much as His Life Was Lived… Buried In The Glossy Fluff of a Backpage Spread

Sadly, Larry Flynt, influential founder of Hustler Magazine, died today February 10, 2021.

Like any man who has the pulse on a certain… portion… of America… Flynt was in many ways a solitary figure. He pioneered a more hardcore style of magazine, and whereas Playboy had skated by on its veneer of class and pretense as a gentlemanly affair, Flynt brought down the wrath of God. A few things I know about Flynt: He championed first Amendment rights against sympathetic enemies… From feminists, to champions of civilization under the auspices of decency, to lone perverts who were sincerely worried that having so much good porn around would make them desensitized like a child with an Amex in a candyshop. I know he was shot by an angry white supremacist for depicting interracial sex, something that every good American has a fundamental right to gawk at, and take pleasure in. Something people have a right to be encouraged to take part in personally based on representative media campaigns. I also know, because I am currently working on an article on Timothy Leary, that he collaborated on a book with the LSD guru, and that his interests were not restricted to naked women.

I don’t know much about Larry Flynt, to tell the truth. But I hope to learn more. He seems like a righteous dude. In a world that likes to bury its sins in quiet back rooms, in a world where our most recent American president -whose affairs with porn stars were glaring moments of ambitiously-ambiguous posturing by the ‘family-values party’, and while that party currently is in its death throes, spasming its joyous orgasmic gesticulations to deny what it is- once again seeks to get a man off in the old boring position of the night before. As it curls its toes while the prostitute that is plausibility wrings the last measure of joy out of being the dominant predator on the parkway with no big game, we should look to Larry Flynt as a kind of lighthouse on the peninsula. You can be engulfed here… you can really go out to sea… or you can be a man in a wheelchair who stands up, and says ‘fuck you, I wanna see some pussy, and I’m not afraid who knows about it.’

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