Far Right Looks On in Awe as Ultramasculine Brave GOP Makes Dictatorship Swagger and Political Assassination Legal Under Powers of United States Presidency

“Rand Paul is like the abusive step father who beats up my bullies instead of me,” one proud boy said relaxed in a tattered couch in their basement den. “Someday, man, us white men are going to rule this country again wholesale. I’m gonna have rape chicks and slave boys and all kinds of nasty rich hamburders, and I owe it all to these ultra-chads like Lindsey Graham. Thank God for these alpha joy boys!” The party erupted in a cheer and the western chauvinists did a Nazi salute to the Swastika and Confederate flags decorating the walls.

“Can you imagine, after setting this precedent, pretty much nothing is off limits! It’s like moral relatvism encoding into hard law. We are about to have the world at our gun muzzle points, fellas. Thank fucking God, at last, Thank God almighty! FREE AT LAST!”

“All it took was some incredibly brave men like the GOP. We owe them everything.”

Again, drinking out of a black man’s skull they had harvested previously at a BLM protest, they drank a toast. “Here’s to these actual monstrous cucks, and their handing over the keys to the funny car.”

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