Faith Based Bias Continues to Screw Humanity As Constituents Fall for GOP Lies on Climate Change – Until People Realize God is Not A Coma-Inducing Safety Blanket, Grifters Will Successfully Destroy Society In His Holy Name

Was it frozen windmills that caused the Texas power outages? Surely it wasn’t climate change and the denialism of such, the refusal to prepare for a changing world- because God would never give us anything that is difficult to deal with! God loves us! God doesn’t want us to have to think or work to survive. God keeps us warm and is a comforting safety blanket. God would never freeze us in our beds for refusal to prepare for the day.

Perhaps. Perhaps this is an issue Saint Augustine dealt with when Christianity destroyed the culture of Rome, and Augustine had to make distinction between the Kingdom of Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven, and how neither shall be neglected. Perhaps.

Perhaps believing in an afterlife automatically weakens your ability to survive in this world of material tribulations.


Perhaps God is a name we give our own love in the face of a cosmically cold and indifferent universe.

Either way, grifters are making bank selling the lie that the world never changes, that the past has the answers for the future, that one should take no thought for tomorrow for evil simply is a plot by socialists to make you love more different kinds of people who are freaky deaky.

If they’re trying to tell you THE REASON – THEY – Fucked up – is because of some ideas someone else has, even though THEY are in charge, that is was WINDMILLS that destroyed your world even though THEY are the ones in charge of thee grid, you’re being sold into slavery and I hope you are good at interpreting Pharoahs dreams. Cause you’re already his bitch.

The life of man upon earth is a warfare, and his days are like the days of a hireling. As a servant longeth for the shade, as the hireling looketh.

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