They Threw Tomatoes. After the Show, I… Had a Nice Salad.

Opportunity knocked me down. It was such a sweet kid. It put itself out there, gave it a great effort, really stole the show. But what did most people remember about ’em? The way that little bot fell of the stage. It was kind of tragic.

Curiosity has cost me a lot over the years. In fact, that little quirk cost me 2.5 billion dollars, just getting it out of the atmosphere into some other business. But it also gets me out of bed. It’s not just a quirk, you know. It’s what I’m doing here, I believe. Learning shit, looking around, staying interested in shit I will… never… understand.

PERSERVENCE IS MY JAM, Y’ALL. You think people give a shit about MArs? I didn’t even watch the stream till I started talking about this clever metaphor, let’s be honest. People don’t watch Apollo missions anymore, they said it in Apollo 13, that amazing movie about when science harnesses psycho energy and does something with the fucking heart…

People don’t care about that shit. PEOPLE. ONLY. CARE. ABOUT. HOW. IT. WORKS. WHEN. SHIT. GOES. SOUTH.

That’s why technology is so ‘based’. What that mean? It means blunt, connected to the level of rock beneath our feet. It means – GIVEN. IT IS A GIVEN.

Technology, the philosophy of, is to make effort invisible. To make the HOW into a glossy surface that DOESN’T REQUIRE UNDERSTANDING.

So much can be lost when this becomes the world.

The lone star state’s grid did not expect the inquisition. But it is here.



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