Joe Biden Offers Leadership For His Country, Helping People in Need in Texas, Missing the Perfect Opportunity to Say ‘No Bailouts for Poorly Run Republican States’. It Makes The Warrior Soul of Perpetual Retribution and Blood-Debts Weep.

If Joe Biden was any kind of man, and not this pathetic new leader doing his best to ‘help people’ -ALL PEOPLE no less, he would have taken the opportunity of an ailing Texas with their poorly governed power grid and told them squarely, ‘FUCK YOU!’

Clearly this man does not know how to play politics. The only way to get ahead in this game is to support your allies, and damn your enemies. And as everyone knows, everyone in Texas is A ROTTEN TRUMPER.

Why kind of person offers comfort to the enemy like this? BAIL OUT TEXAS!? What’s next, try to make America a place for inclusivity and communal support! I just can’t with these 4d chess communist monsters.

If Biden was any kind of Christian Crusader like our real President, (who will be back in power March 4th Thank the Q) Mr. Trump, he would have let those sinners perish for their support of an opposing ideology. That’s how Christ did it, That’s how America does it. And it’s the only way I know to make us strong. By being back stabby greedy pig sluts who see war as eternal, everywhere, and impossible to blood-staunch.

It’s cheat on your wife, fuck over your buddy, and get yours while the getting is good. Our strength will always be measured by our willingness to indulge in cruelty and extremism. Get on with your fucking life, Mr. Biden. You fucking sad pathetic blind bastard.

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