Josh Hawley Champions ‘The Rule of the People’ As CPAC Revels in its Cognitive Dissonance Tones of Fascist Disco

Josh Hawley, a charming crypto fascist from middle America, my neck of the woods, is among the Republicans who pushed blatant lies to try to destroy the rule of law in America, leading to violent attacks on our democratic institutions. Now, he is back in a white pleather jumpsuit doing the hustle at republican convention CPAC, where ‘conservative’ (citation needed) ‘luminaries’ speak about the ‘future of the GOP’. As the crowd cheered his boasting that he tried to overturn the democratic legitimate election that resulted in Joseph Biden becoming the 46th American President, Hawley claimed he champions ‘the rule of the people’. By this he clearly intends to support increasing violent rhetoric in support of far right insurgency, but the cognitive dissonance is off the charts at CPAC this year. They appear to have collectively lost their minds in disco fever. Many attendants did admit they were just there for shits and giggles, (after consulting a doctor having these occuring simultaneously, most hadn’t proper health care to resolve– or jobs paying at least $15 worth not skipping out on for that matter, so why not party!?)

It is the infectious beat, the syncopated basslines, the delirious mix of working class overdub sheen with cocaine overdose in your face highbrow glitz and garishness.

Supporters of the TRUMP party (formerly the GOP), are very excited that ‘I Will Survive’ has won the very first Grammy for Disco this year, and it was playing everywhere at CPAC. Like a raised fist anthem, golden statues of Trump and ‘WE WILL SURVIVE’ was the banner melody, and Josh Hawley is among the most fervent devotees of the dance hall swing.

However, the Grammy board has already decided there will be no award for Disco next year, and the dissonance is already fraying where it has sewn, reaping the whirlwind of being an extremist nonsense movement. “Oh well,” — Hawley and other Republicans have no plan or projected insights into future developments of the party. There will be no reflection or recalculation. They are determined to disco on, until they die. Disco is life.

A placard spotted at CPAC bearing a now familiar slogan.

If even punk rock has a more conservative ethos in the end, which leads to healthier lifestyle and sustainable living for its adherents, disco has that sentimental coke-drunk nose bleed in the bathroom that no other feeling can match. WE WILL SURVIVE. People are advised to abandon adherents before they end up being turned on by burn out violent fever victims.

A conservative couple drives home, anxious and nervous because Antifa is at large in their city. As seen in the film ‘Summer of Sam’
Hide your kids. Hide your wife.

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