$15 Minimum Wage Fails (So Far) – Social Change Follows the Profit Motive Unless Demanded

I’ve been trying to get people to call me Sunny D
Cause I got the good stuff the kids go for
But people keep calling me Five Alive


“With Joe Biden as president and Democrats controlling the House and Senate for the first time since 2010, we will be judged on what we deliver for the American people in their time of need. The people want action, not excuses” – Bernie Sanders

If not, like the GOP warned itself on allowing Trump to be nominated the first time,  

Keep up the pressure on Biden and the Democrats who have both chambers, and push this through.

Krystal Ball of The Hill says Biden ‘lost the left’. But the left, in my mind, doesn’t work that way. We shall continue to push. Biden is just a man. $15 for my people is something real. FIGHT FOR $15. And after that, raise the stakes. The minimum wage should already be well past that mark.

I’m young and I’m underpaid
I’m tired but I’m working, yeah

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