Caravan of Disease Attacking America from the South as Texas Goes Maskless and Opens at Full Capacity

Knowingly spreading a deadly disease, Texas governance is allowing this unruly horde to ravage the U.S. population, in full knowledge that these people are a danger to American Patriots who want to avoid the plague of Covid-19.

After a similar measure last summer where Texas re-opened and allowed people to unmask, which had to be backed away from when numbers skyrocketed, the only believable rationale behind Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s move is that he likes dumb, mostly white, assholes who feel special when they endanger others, better than patriotic Americans.

Tomi Lahren, well known white person (qualifications otherwise unknown)

Consider Ted Cruz’s reasoning for the move: It is a spirit of independence that is the reason a community doesn’t take care of one another or value compassion and caring. It’s a thinker.

For Americans who dislike being an asshole for being an asshole’s sake, the cognitive dissonace of the GOP saying ‘we have to reopen if no one compensates our closed businesses’ while for four years of Trump’s presidency railing tooth and nail against any kind of reasonable covid relief is beyond infuriating, though perfectly typical of the GOP’s reasoning. “As a party of stoking grievances, in what way does it make sense for us to solve any problems or make people’s lives better. That’s crazy!”

Josh Hawley who wants to take America back from its reign of terror by the people and give it to ‘the people’, with him in a nice office and uniform and very heavy guard.

We are assholes, but we are assholes, COMPLETELY. Our hypocrisy is so charming, and our teeth grin with shit fully gnashing in them. Try and stop us, if you dare, we spit when we talk, and no, we will not put a mask over it, so cry all you want, libcuck.

Mitch says paying tax payers money to help Americans is a waste of tax payer money. That money is for his friends, who help him get elected time and time again despite being a spineless puddle of goo that dissipates in a strong wind.

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