Josh Hawley Asks Christopher Wray Important Details About Gathering Information On Capitol Rioters, Hoping to See the List and Fill Out Ranks of GOP Elite ‘SS’ Safetey & Security Force

Josh Hawley is very interested in how the FBI is gathering data on the Capitol Siege Force, and wants to know if he can get a list of those involved for “reasons.”

As the leader of the GOP’s subtle and coy cryptofascist division, Hawley presents a strong front of subterfuge where most other GOP are flailing lunatics who need help tying their shoes. Everyone knows what Hawley is after, but he doesn’t keep his cards facing out and has at least a semblance of a poker face. This makes him the golden boy of future hope for a Fourth Reich style Nazi American Party, and all eyes watch him hopefully.

Except, you know, people who don’t want to die. I think those people unanimously hate this clownfucker.

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