Underground Collectors Are Taking Up Copies of Banned Dr. Suess Books, Gay & Interracial Pornography Movie Posters, and Things Deemed ‘Off Limits’ In A Decent Society

“I am not one for censorship, so of course I got together every copy of these Dr. Suess books I could,” said Gordon to our interviewer Evie. “They will go in my secret room, where things that are outlawed by the dictatorship currently in power will have a sacred place to me. They find loving place with my copy of the Quran, Hardcore BDSM Gay Interracial Pornographic Materials, a copy of the book ‘Lolita’ and that picture of Mike Pence touching the NASA ‘Critical Space Flight Hardware’ which reads very clearly ‘Do Not Touch’.

“Plenty of controversial items—including Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and “The Turner Diaries,” a novel popular with white-supremacist groups—were available on eBay as of Wednesday evening. When asked, the spokeswoman said these two books also fell in the “offensive material” category and would be removed. On Thursday afternoon it appeared that “The Turner Diaries” was no longer available on eBay.” – THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

These things that some may find embarrassing, or taboo, or not in keeping with the day’s power politics still have a place in our culture. We cannot sweep them uniformally down the memory hole. I will remember. And some day when this patriarchical social need to control from above in this way will see a time when we can rise together, and truly HOP ON POP.” “When do you think that might be?” asked Evie, her voice breaking. “Someday, maybe when we are stronger. But I will fight on. I meant what I said and I said what I meant. And an elephant is faithful, 100 Percent!”


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