Aftermath of Texas Storm Electricity Failures Showing Beauty of Capitalism Compensating For Being Mindless Lumbering Half-Zombie Half-Vampire

We interviewed the owner of a mid-sized electrical concern ‘Smart Capitalist Practices’ in Texas to find out how they are dealing with the aftermath of the Texas Storm and the difficulties of a near complete grid collapse event, hoping to observe how Capitalism is holding up and adjusting to a dire situation with flexibility, intelligence, and ingenuity that are natural to a system run by the profit motive and self-service.

“So, say you are an energy company that has a system worked out that lets you pay for energy based on how much need there is, vs. how much is available. In the event of a crunch, where everyone needs the energy at one time, say, in a very rough winter storm, the need shoots up, and so you are charged a premium,” said the spokesman for Smart Capitalist Practices Ltd. “No dear, not right now, I’ll order later. Yes, come back. Sorry, my secretary. Don’t know why she’s interrupting me.”

Inertia is a Property of Matter

“Now where was I. See, this is a good system because it keeps prices variable so that they flex and people aren’t overcharged. Now, some companies chose to keep the lights on for their customers, even when the price shot way, way up. That was their choice, so their bill was as much as $9,000 per Megawatt, per hour. That’s rather exorbitant. But if you’re willing to pay it, that’s on you.

“Now, no- NO, NOT NOW, Barbara, I’m in the middle- JESUS, will you- PLEASE, yes, I’m- I’m sure it can wait! Anyway, sorry, again.”

“The lawsuit filed by Smart Capitalist Practices claims ERCOT is responsible for massive overcharges because it failed to come down from its system-wide offer cap of $9,000 per megawatt-hour (MWh), forcing power companies to pay sky-high rates day after day even after energy scarcity had evaporated.

ERCOT’s CEO, Bill Magness, said energy prices were not erroneously high, but “an intentional and carefully considered decision to protect human health and safety while stabilizing the electric grid.”

Our contact at Smart Capitalist Practices LTD continued, “But where we are fighting with their lawyers, from the good firm of Gridlock & Backslide, is that it shouldn’t be up to some arbitrary authority to decide for everyone. Frankly, it’s anti-American for decisions to be handed down from on high in such a way. Yes, we kept the power on, and our customers, knowing the variable rate system was in effect, kept their heat on. But we have to now get those charges dropped, obviously. And they know that, because it’s embarrassing for them to have people paying these hundreds of thousands of dollars bills! It’s unheard of! So, these elite comfortable people in their offices have to answer for why these people, knowing the very conditions of what they were agreeing to, made a decision, and now are expected to face the consequences of their actions. Or worse, have the corporation that facilited this insane behavior held responsible on their behalf! Obvious the government made a big mistake in thinking that corporations would not take advantage of their citizens. And so we are suing. To ensure that no one makes these mistakes again. Clearly, something must cha-“

“Excuse me. Barbara! Come in here. Are you all eating lunch right now? What? Did you order without me? You didn’t think I would want to order something? Don’t you normally ask me for my order every day at this time? What? No. No, I don’t want to hear any excuses. What you need to do, is get in your car, and go pick me up something. I’m not going to go hungry. I’m not a fucking animal. Christ.”

“Some people just don’t think.”

When asked about the lawsuit of the family of a young boy who died of hypothermia during the storm directed towards ERCOT, he laughed at the wording they used. “They said ERCOT… allowed companies to fail people… or.., what was it. Here it is, in the Newspaper, at least my secretary brought that.”

“ERCOT failed all Texans, and allowed providers to fail Texans,” Houston attorney Tony Buzbee wrote in the lawsuit on behalf of the Pinedas.

The suit from Smart Capitalist Practices laughed heartily, in the face of human misery.

“Thank God we still live in a country where government is in a position to allow companies to fail people and that is respected, expected! Rather than the government forcing corporations to be good to people. Can you imagine that nightmare communist socialist Nazi world. I shiver to think of it. Or maybe the heat is still out.”

Donald Trump has tweeted climate change skepticism 115 times.

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