Joe Biden Zooms Past Putting His Name On Covid Checks to Initiating BIDEN BUCKS Program! Giving Everyone Extra Fun Currency (Can Only Be Spent On Anti-USA Socialist Communist Nazi Pro-China Agenda)

Disney’s FUN BUCKS, which is similar to the BIDEN BUCKS Program

Biden has opted not to put his name on checks helping Americans, as previous President Donald Trump made such a priority, he delayed sending the relief to do so. Instead, Biden is going big! He is using the American Rescue Package as a jumping off point for the new BIDEN BUCKS program. Now, U.S. currency isn’t going away. But you can BUY BIDEN BUCKS with U.S. currency, according to the press release. They are MORE FUN than the U.S. Dollar, although not redeemable for all the things U.S. Dollar currency is. BIDEN BUCKS must be spent, like the political capital gained by the U.S. government in helping the American people for a change, strictly on party lines. All BIDEN BUCKS must be redeemed for Anti-American Culture War Activity only. This means, buying subscriptions to streaming services that do terrible things like tell you when a movie has racist bullshit in it, but continue to show it because censorship is even more bullshit. Or, buying food for your family instead of waiting until you next check clears, like a fucking socialist. So cheer up America, JOE BIDEN DELIVERED! The collapse of civilization is closer at hand! So, PUT THOSE BIDEN BUCKS TO GOOD USE! Thank God China elected him. Be sure to buy a PS5 to support those Chinese, too. How do I turn on my book.

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