The Myanmar Military & Tough Love – Why Sometimes Being an Authority Means Killing People’s Dreams. And Also, People.

Trend Arises of Parents Telling Kids “Do Your Studies, Now, Child! There are Citizens in Myanmar Whose Leaders Don’t Give them Respect As Smart Enough to Self-Direct Their Destiny Through Democratic Govt and Need to Be Slaughtered and You Want to Be a Good Prole So Elites Respect You, Don’t You, Kiddo?”

People somewhere in the world, once again are fighting for their basic existence against the threat of terror and oppression, and parents are already taking advantage of the fact. Whereas it has become somewhat politically incorrect to tell their kids ‘there are little ones in ____ that are starving’, the conflict currently raging in Myanmar of the military junta against protesters seeking the return of their legitimately elected leadership is perfect for educating the young worldwide towards good citizenship.

Once I had my heroes… Once I had my dreams… but all of that is changed now… THE TRUTH IS INSIDE OUT.

“Clearly you see what happens when people need to be put in their place,” said a child. “Sometimes things get out of control and the… um..” she looked at her mother for prompting. “Adults get angry at them for being…” “The adults get angry because the citizens need to do better,” the kid said, chewing her hair. “So they take over and impose harsh punishment on protesters, and beat them and kill them, until they.. um..” The mother responded again, “Are ready to be treated humanely again and have their fair democracy back.” “Yes,” said the child, understanding.

“Humanity is always growing and becoming more mature, and these lessons are universal,” said one child psychologist. “If you want your child to clean their room, perhaps mention Hong Kong, and impose all kinds of irrational measures regarding what kind of control there is on what happens in the room, perhaps even forcing them, if they want to decide what happens there, into exile for a bit. And then, when they are ready to understand this is your house and their room is under your roof, you can let them back in, provided they not elect to do anything you disapprove of.”

Some kids playing in the street, which they have been warned against for safety reasons.


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