Have You Seen ‘FALLING DOWN’ – AKA The White Boy Who Thought his Anger and Frustration Was Worth More Attention than the Rest of the Species Combined – The Film

Instead of understanding capitalism and struggling for better conditions for the species against the Coca-Cola corporation, take a bat to the local industruous store owner: OR: See elsewhere where I yell about BLM ‘Looting’ and do not see any connection
Terrorizing Fast Food Workers Who Are Trying to Make It Through the Day: Karen is on a rampage, and this time, It’s BIBLICAL
Glenn Beck has deep thoughts on Infrastructure, while wielding a badass bazooka, Joe.
Social Justice Warrior with A Gun. White Man With No Perspective. It’s Domestic Terrorism, baby, and it never looked so COOL.

People call this ‘the original joker’ in youtube comments. Presumably because he really took to heart ‘when the chips are down, these people will eat each other’ and made is a sort of vainglorious mantra of this white grievance murder porn romp. Gotta love it.

When the last days come, We shall see visions.

The lesson is, if Michael Douglas comes to your family owned convenience store and you are having a rough day in your immigrant life, and he tries to say he’s not gonna pay you the price on the can, it makes more sense to shoot him in the face than hear him out. Unless he is receptive to you and your own plight, which is likely not the case if he starts with spouting racist horseshit ‘speak my language’.

The real lesson is, there’s a difference between being told ‘No’ and being fed horseshit, and you really need to get that radar up and running BEFORE you start with the gunslinging, pardn’er. Have a nice day, M’am.


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