The High Council of the LGBTQ Worldwide Agenda Meets and Decides the Catholic Church is Not Fit for Spiritual Blessing At This Time

Are You Ready to be Judged, then?

“Although many world religions show promise of continuation of spiritual promotion among the human peoples, at this time the Catholic Church is not loving and queer and friendly enough to be granted the blessing of the council,” announced the Transgender Sovereign Delegate of the Divine Hermaphroditic Superbeing that the council’s monotheistic members point to in a portion of its syncretism.

“We concur,” announced Lesbian Mother-Majesties, the current joint-office holders of which espouses a Polytheistic PanPagan Earth Worship.

“It is our feeling as well, although many members of their clergy are closeted male homosexuals, some with unfortunate predilictions, and even though their supreme has been a fashion icon in his capes and extravagant hats, that they are not ready to join in the covenant to bring love and compassion to the Universe,” Announced the Bi-Sexual Curate and the Gender Fluid Delegation nodded solemnly, concurring.


and the gavel dropped.

Then the music started and they danced off the sadness for those among the human animals who were not yet ready, thrashing exhaltingly, with love and squalor.

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