A Consideration of The Debt Progressive Politics Owes Hip Hop Queens and Hot Girl Shit

Arguably, the song Wet-Ass-Pussy was a fundamental part of destroying the Trump regime.

Now that that’s been said. I want you to appreciate the fact that there are some whores in this house.

And that’s the point. That the GOP wants to put the country in a place where people, women especially, are shamed by having sexual desire. By being horny. This is–

and, largely, thanks to the dominating voices of Hip Hop Queens and Hot Girl Shit in recent years,


If part of your political discussion, your policy platform, is that a woman being sexually aroused is wrong…

A news source asked if the performance of Wet Ass Pussy at the Grammys was too much for TV. I wouldn’t know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a minute of the Grammys.

But if it is too much for you, I do hope you survive. If you need to, pull out.

Is oversexualization a problem with our culture? That’s a fucking complex question.

I worry more about the death of eros than the death of civilization, honestly. The issue will always be control, and that includes of oneself. Cardi B is, and continues to be, a bad bitch. If your plan for the world really involves trying to somehow take THIS

OUT THE WORLD… I’m Gonna really need to see the specs on your logistics. Cause you come after this, I’ll cut a bitch.


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