Republicans are Storming the Border to Highlight Issue that Resonates with Trump Base, Propose Some Kind of ‘Solution’, Perhaps, a Final Solution?


GOP visits border, criticizes Biden policies

The takeaway: Trump is a fascist shithead. He stokes people to support in his agenda –which consists largely in massive tax giveaways to the rich, and cutting regulations that make it easier for companies to profit while harming human life and the environment (not to mention their own workers) — largely through ‘populist’ antagonisms that were better entertainment when they were on Jerry Springer. Because when you were watching Jerry Springer in the middle of the day, you at least knew you were as much human waste as the people you were gawking at. For some reason people see something different when a President mocks the disabled or says women are disgusting because they *checks notes* use bathrooms occasionally. By now, Trumpers reading this are likely bleeding from the eyes, the ears, wherever.

But now the Republicans are (mostly) out of power, (and if all they have left to push is racism and human rights violations one hopes the GOP is not long with us) BUT when the U.S. faces a tough problem, like an inrush of unaccompanied young migrants at the border, The Republican American Idols will jump on the chance to ‘help.’


They have no solution, only anger, and bad ideas. This isn’t a long story, cause it’s pretty pathetic what the Republicans have relegated themselves to as far as tactics for being elected and maintaining power. It ain’t governing well. I’m just watching for which Senator tries to get the best ratings by switching from saying the border problem needs a ‘solution’, to the border problem needs a ‘final solution’.

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