Republicans Refusing to Even Approach Nation’s Desperate Need for Infrastructure Plan Unless PreCondition that Every New Public Maintainance Project Emblazoned With Golden ‘TRUMP’ Logo Met

The idea of a government that works, serves the people, and is in some sense humble and dignified is a bridge too far for the Republican party to even countenance. Literally, the bridge is too far, it is in disrepair, as the U.S. infrastructure is in dire straights in terrible need of a huge overhaul. But Republicans are determined to stop the country from getting what it needs, as a functioning civil service is not their idea of how government works. It strikes them as ungrateful for things to simply function and be humane without them getting some credit, extra cut of power, and glory. Thus, the GOP has demanded to even begin discussing funding an essential infrastructure package in the coming days of the Biden Presidency, a precondition: Every new public works project MUST be stamped with bold, all-caps logos that say TRUMP on them.

“It’s not too much to ask that this pathetic worthless white man gets credit and people know who to thank for their life not being an endless crumbling nightmare. He is owed that much simply for being disgusting and hateful. Honestly people, if we can’t agree on this, we’re gonna go scorched earth.”

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