The Smart Ass With the Mule’s Beastly Burdenous Eyes

These eyes you sold me

upon entry into this contract

To be human is to err

So divine to


The layaway plan for entry unto heaven

It seems like such a good deal, for the one deep in conversation

with the salesman of the world

I wake up sometimes, just to puke up my bad dreams

I wouldn’t complain

I hear you when you speak

I get an attitude on suffering

Blink real deep when your echo reaps,

“Sit Down.”

I’m not an inhuman monster, I’m not quite yet a child.

The spite of the imposter, it’s this syndrome, complex…

Shallow measures of,

Deep breaths I try to take.

I used to smoke, (I was a cleaner)

– All my thoughts of pain were lies

Now I rest hard when I need it

And wander forever through the night

There is a Truth, I do believe it

And when I stand beneath the shower trying to wash off whole parts of the insides

of what’s now here, left of me

I long to push through some goodness, really wrack my brains

on how to get some glory from this bullshit machine

I’m nearly faltering as a type this

The light heart is not my back up plan

All this is so, honestly, hard on me

They tell me I should give to Caesar only that which is the Man’s

But I keep telling you, I upped the ante because the spirit was throbbing in my hands

The reason my first born is set to be sacrificed upon this table

If I didn’t go all in,

They see me fold of all I’m able

I won’t equivocate, just continue, march and strain

You gave me eyes, I’m duty bound (here’s the hard sell)

To feast their weakly flesh bound portals

Onto Truth

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