Lindsey Graham And The Southern Poverty Boys Drop Hot New Hip Hop Video Heavily Featuring AR-15 Brandishings

Lindsey Graham Vows to Mow Down ‘Gangs’ With His AR-15 After the Apocalypse

Graham released a new fire gangbang track on his Rap label HIP-GOP-Gang-4-Life where he and several Southern Republicans rap about how when things go south they will roam your neighborhood with AR-15s, come correct, and shut down any na-na-nonsense happening in the hood.

Graham’s verse on the track is particularly righteous, where he spits

“YA I own an AR-15

If there’s a natural disaster

in South Carolina where the cops

can’t protect my neighborhood

my house will be the last one

The Last One


that the gang will come to

because I can defend myself.

Suggest you do the same. KING.”

In the track, the crew is surrounded by big booty bitches rubbing up against him as the octogenarian delivers these threatening lines, wearing a red MAGA track suit.

While these hot bitches were twerking all around his head, Graham gives the camera a look and does his signature weird lip smack thing. The new track is out now on Spotify.

Some liberals are complaining that ol’ boy is glorifying violence and objectifying women with his lyrics, but this motherfucker clearly just don’t care. In one scene he sticks out his tongue and twists a pair of sopping wet panties into his mouth, after showing the panties say clearly ‘leftist tears’. The effect is obvious.

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