The ‘Chauvin’ Look, aka the Tough Cop Icy Stare, ‘The Fuck You Gonna Do’ Look Not Working As Well On Jurors as It Did On Bystanders of Unjust Murder

Derrick Chauvin is trying very hard to give the jurors in his own trial the same look he gave concerned citizens as he kneeled on a man’s neck for nine minutes till the man expired. The look of abject, unconcerned but testy authority that one dares not question for fear of ultimate, wrath-of-god reprisals should you dare question the established order. But the doe eyes of the killer cop have faltered repeatedly as he realizes he is not the ultimate master of his fate in this new situation.

“When you’re in the uniform, people have to respect it, because you can take your glock and brap brap brap end their sorry citizen selfs,” said one former officer commentator who lost his job after gunning down an innocent man. “I mean, they didn’t come at me as hard as they’re going after Derrick, this is some new shit maybe, but I lost my job, and for what? All I did was clean one more scumbag off the street. They shoulda gave me a medal.”

It’s still very much up in the air if there will be any cultural shift to punishing rogue, killer cops. Whether there shall be established any rational standard of police discipline, or if even with video evidence they will repeatedly be let off the hook for executions. But one thing is for sure, Derrick’s own eyes, those gellatinous globes which once viewed the world as the eyes of God view a humanity he is full of contempt and disgust for, are quavering a bit as he sees 12 seated citizens weighing his own life and death in their heavy, judicious sights.

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