The GOP versus the Constitution on Trans Rights – When Trying to Banish Rights for People Shades into Trying to Erase them from Existence

Senate Judiciary Republicans Will Use “Women” to Justify Attacks on Trans People, But a Brief Review of GOP’s Radical Opposition to Women’s Equality Reveals their Real Motivations and Hypocrisy

The GOP has a hard uphill battle trying to make the case that transgender people do not have equal rights under the law, or that because they are inconvient to some past standard of social norm they have to be forcefully excluded from public spaces like school sporting programs. Clearly the tactic that if you are just mean enough to trans kids via some bullying laws they will magickally disappear is not just a dick move but shades into genocidal erasure of people based on their sexual proclivities.

More and more the GOP eschews any rational response to real life and its contemporary situations to formulating a response that simply satisfies their desire to be cruel and insularly out of touch with any real future.

So it looks like it’s old crusty republican politicians versus transgender youth, and I for one want everyone to make the obvious choice, and support kids who want to be themselves, versus arbitrary decrees that certain people should not be allowed to express their sexuality or even exist in our society. Fuck the GOP. They picked the wrong fight. They must be brought to heel.

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