New Twitter Accounts Praising Amazon From ‘Employees’ FAKE?

A new slate of accounts have cropped up that are taking Jeff Bezos side on the union votes happening at Amazon, as well as advocating that Jeff Bezos should have the right to sleep with every American man’s wife on the night of their wedding as the king of commerce, and that each of our first born should be given up in tribute to his growing army.

Are these twitter accounts for real though, or are they paid propaganda?

Linda Coohrs has been tweeting that she hopes people are smart enough to vote against the union initiative, and also has several tweets that says Jeff Bezos the god king of Amazon has every right to trample on the small people in his divine right march to eternal glory. Her profile says she is a package sorter in an Arizona facilty, into ‘an extra glass of wine now and then, bubble baths, and total fealty to OMPHALOS BEZOS’

Some are saying this is a campaign of ‘astroturfing’ and that Amazon has been caught similarly paying for fake tweets advocating their side of things in the past. Regardless, the issues are in play, and many are questioning whether Jeff Bezos has the absolute right to 50% of our bounty in good harvest or no simply because he is the benevolent overlord who makes the deal with the rain god to grow said crops and without him the world falls off its axle into the eternal void.

When we tweeted at several of these accounts asking if they were automated, the uniform response was ‘how do you know you are a real person? Perhaps soon you will not be able to tell, perhaps there is simply PRIME users, and the rest of the herd which is for culling and slaughter. Hmm?”

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