Facebook Bans New Trump Content ‘2 Trumps 1 Cup’


In the News: Facebook removes video with Trump, citing his ban from the platform

The President tried to post new content onto Facebook, but did so under Lara Trump’s account, but it was removed from the platform, showing how far a Trump ban can be interpreted and extended. Trump’s new video, where he eats fecal matter and smears it across Don jr’s face while they both smile and talk about making America what it once was, is being censored simply because it has Trump’s name on it, his staff argues. “Wow, we are one step closer to 1984′ Lara Trump commented on the video’s removal. Apparently a patriotic American EX-PRESIDENT even can’t post to the public discussion his earnest message that coprophilia and scatology have a fair and free place in our nation’s ongoing discourse. It boggles the mind that they can get away with this!

“The worst part is that they are not just silencing one man, but his entire base which enjoys this kind of material. It’s honestly dispicable that you think you can just decide for everyone that people don’t get to see people enjoying scat play.”

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