Word Around the Campfire

Some lech touched boss man’s wife’s feet

So he threw him out a window

Me and the boys, get together in the down time from enforcement and beating down the lesser characters

and deign to draw up a full list

Things wherein which a man shall have no sense of humor bout it

and to make it tight and clean, like how we like the job done

any joke that approaches, dissention, some ammendation to our chart

shall be shot in the face

You’ve got to have some opinion on this

“You heard he threw him out the window cause he touched my feet?” she laughs, when I was charged to take care of her, (a date?)

“Well, it seemed excessive… but, yea-“

“I swear when you boys gather round your fires in the night you get more catty and dissembled than a sewing circle on a too hot damp afternoon”

Laughing, she polishes her nose with a deathsnort of coke and he sharpens his sword gainst the milkshake mixer,

what business do i have to question the ways of a man who resides firmly in control

when the queen took a secret consort and the throne was usurped in due course

involuntary the jester calls out that “she never did love either man!”

but the destroyer of the sovereign order,

the welfare of the kingdom, its whole citizenry, the world and universal dominion

“he did but just give it to her better”

but this brought him no love, to be sure, as she had him disemboweled, loudly, during the next hearty banquet

exposed for caring of his own heart, beating gushes of crimson upon the revelry, he sputters a gritty toothed thrust -“too much in the sun”, he quips, like a schizoid hamlet

sprays out some fresh blood to a laugh, as an argument

a la carte, apropos, consider choosing strict silence

i’ve decided, that Jesus freak was right

if you want to cast stones, you should be without sin

so since I am a profoundly unhappy, mostly loveless creature

i have no cachet to speak

before i go silent, or take up hermitage in the king’s woods

i want you to know, every foot massage i gave meant something

so take care of your bareness in the swamplands, that’s all

these lands hide many a leech

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