Donald Trump Says Join – New Trumper Social Network is Live

Trump Family Endorses New Social Media Network — MAGA MySpace

Remember MySpace? Remember when America was great? Have we got a social media site for you!

Donald Trump told you it was coming! A new social media site with his backing and blessing. A place where true believers would not be bothered with censorship and stifling of their triumphant voice of freedom. Do you long to bellow across the internet like the proverbial big dogs with whom, if you can’t run with, you had best stay on the porch?

It’s here, and it is everything you could have hoped for.

Donald Trump Says Join MAGA MySpace

“It’s MySpace. Remember MySpace? It was so great once. Oh, people had so much fun and there was so much prosperity, of the workers and all the different- all the different peoples. It was so nice for them,” said Donald Trump in the press conference unveiling his new social network. ‘But we’ve gotten away from that. It’s really sad what’s happening with some of these today. There’s, for instance, glitter on GIFs.” The crowd of Trump supporters roared. “Yeah, you know, I go on these today, there’s no glitter, I see no unicorns or roses or these, so.”

“So what do we do? We need to, and let me be clear – Make a My Space Great Again by Making America Great Again and Making A Space on the MySpace For the People Who Want to Make America Great Again and then, you know, You’ll.. You Get Your MAGA My Space. Again.”DONALD J. TRUMP

It was the social network that started them all. 

And now, Donald Trump fully intends to ‘Make MySpace Great Again’ for Americans ‘Making America Great Again.’ has got the exclusive story and an exclusive first look first look at the network.

Visit MAGA MySpace today!

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