Manchin Vows to Uphold Filibuster, and Going Further Moves to Give Convicted Insurrectionists A New Platform Where They Can Occupy, Speak In Senate Every Monday at ‘Open Mic’

Manchin Vows to Uphold Filibuster, Complicating Biden’s Agenda

Dems absolutely need to try BiPartisanship and give in to GOP demands that Insurrection is good if your people are not put in power. Manchin is not a radical, he just understands you have to keep faith with the people who are openly trying to destroy you, or how can you keep your self respect?

Hopefully this keeps Dems from getting anything done, centrist policies might be quaint and neat but it’s not what gets us to paradise. That way Trump can make a comeback, and the left can go Reeeally left. We need to have it out. No more common sense middle of the road shit. Machin understands. “Everything was for tomorrow, but tomorrow never came. The present was only a bridge and on this bridge they are still groaning, as the world groans, and not one idiot ever thinks of blowing up the bridge.”

So yes, villify Manchin if you must. He is the not the hero we need, he’s the hero we deserve. He’s not up on where the fuck we living at.

“It’s not about what I want, It’s about WHAT’S FAIR” And who can blame him. What happened to Rachel… was tragic. He’s very emotional. But he believes in his coin, and thinks it will save him. Nevermind the Joker army building in the shadows. Keep the faith, sweet innocent child.

And whatever you do, those out there who fear the ongoing threat of terrorism and the possibility of descent into civil war. Womp womp.

As a great man once said… “It’s all.. part of the plan.”

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