Upon Watching His Videos For a Day, I Have Determined Securely Jordan Peterson is a Poorly Read Fraud

Peterson reads a quote from Nietzche, and I honestly have to wonder if this sentence is the only Nietzsche Peterson has actually read. This quote is actually a brilliant damnation of Peterson’s whole schtick. His ‘philosophy’ is very much just pushing his own opinions and worldview. Your philosophy = Your autobiography. Kind of a brilliant self-own. Good show. Honestly, this dude knows fuck all about Nietzsche. ‘Nietzsche was a moral philosopher’? He wrote a book called ‘on the genealogy of morals’ which was a deconstruction of how people make their moralities based on false motives and self-deception. He wrote a book called ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ which if Peterson understood he’d likely quit his job.

Nietzsche says bring double milk money tomorrow, boy. And god help you, they’re gonna eat you alive in middle school.

This is Oprah for white boys, and we already got Oprah.

Honestly, I’m disappointed.

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