Marvel by Mocking Jordan Peterson As Red Skull Subsumes A Struggling Post-Modernist Thinker into the Grand-MetaNarrative of Our Time: THE MCU

Jordan Peterson, a fierce critic of a natural progression of Western Philosophy into Postmodern thought which he characterizes as a conspiracy to make him respect people such as our trans community, has been usurped.

Peterson seeks to ignore the actual arguments and confusing philosophy of Post-Modernism, which operates ALONG-SIDE the failing belief in God, Patriarchy, rather than as some conspiratorial marching beat, and his main thrust is this:

Has faith in God foundered? Is masculinity in crisis?

Have you simply considered just ignoring it and embraced empty platitudes that don’t solve the problems of meaning?

Peterson has a kind of Anti-Existentialism operating whereby, rather than creating one’s own meaning for their life, one should simply grasp desperately at lost meaning and deny it is slipping from you.

Which brings us to the good news: The true ‘grand narrative’ of our time (something Post-Modern philosophy actually does address the loss of, from the waning influence of church over all aspects of civilization and culture, through Galileo, rise of scientism, the cracking of the celestial spheres) has now fully SUBSUMED Jordan Peterson under its glorious caring wings.

Jordan Peterson has been welcomed into the MCU.

As everyone knows, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the main creator of meaning and personal mythology at work in our world today. Movies released by the MCU give us all something to latch onto and aspire to imitate. Much like the large gothic cathedral at the center of a poor town in the middle ages.

Peterson can now rest easy knowing his work fighting against the lack of meaning in the world is done. He has come home.

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