Supreme Court Rulings Favoring Churches Over Covid-19 Protections Means Time is Ripe for Following Timothy Leary’s Advice: START YOUR OWN CHURCH

Supreme Court rules California can’t enforce COVID-19 rules limiting Bible study, prayer meetings

The 60’s counterculture drug guru and former Harvard Professor TIMOTHY LEARY took a brilliant tack in order to attempt to continue the legal use of LSD for his friend circle: He founded several spiritual organizations and claimed legal protection for its use under the constitutional protections granted to Religions.

God and God’s authority are the hottest new market for boosting your individual power and social reach.

Clearly, the best way to take advantage of these loopholes the right wing Supreme Court is granting against social safety in the name of defending religious freedom, is to swarm the field and start your own Church.

God would want us to do no less.

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