Majority of Americans Support Supreme Court Packing Simply to Stick it To Mitch McConnell

“Whether it’s a good idea or not is debatable, certainly,” said college student Marcus Wright. “I mean, there’s issue with whether a right wing court does actually balance some ideological views that need checking from the left, or whether adding four new justices will fail due to the struggle, the uh- attempt to pick intelligent, centered, principled judges. If you’re just making it all messier.”

“But do you support it?”

“Oh absolutely! Simply to make Mitch McConnell angry. When I saw that he came out arguing that this was a threat to operating by governmental ‘ground rules and norms’, first I laughed for a full minute, then I got angry as I realized he might somehow be serious, be taking himself seriously. Then I thought, fuck it. Pack the court, I want Mitch McConnell legitimately to cry.”

“I agree,” said the small business owner we interviewed. “I lean center-right, but Mitch McConnell needs to suffer simply for his incredibly hilarious hypocrisy. Him getting his comeuppance and coming to the total realization that he has played a game of power, scorching American society and the function of government in order to win, and simply has been defeated by his own inner contradictions and lack of principle– this in itself is enough.”

“Fuck Mitch McConnell. Can they still nominate that guy Obama picked that Mitch blocked?” asked Trump at a GOP fundraiser where apparently he called out McConnell as a ‘dumb son of a bitch’ and ‘stone cold loser’.

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