The Idea that Facts Matter More than Feeling, Energy, is a Worthless Infant Future Tyrant That We Should Strive To Murder In Its Bed For the Sake Of Humanity

Is scientific reductionism destroying humanism? Or is it simply destroying both science (rationality) and life in a desperate attempt to cling back some meaning which it believes has been drained from human existence. At the hands of the advancement of science, no doubt, so far as the depth of theorizing goes in popular culture.

Of course, I am speaking of pundits who believe they are doing discourse and the marketplace of ideas even a favor when they say such idiotic things as ‘Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings’. Oh, for real?

Have you considered the instant correlative that this engenders? That if a fact DOESN’T care about my feelings, then FUCK THAT FACT.

Yes, and this is just for starters. Because this kind of thin skinned nerd-fascist logic wielder is the type who takes no interest in such murderers of argument as context, enlargement of the field, and [redacted].

How might we reach some uneasy detente whereby absolutism is not the only granter of meaning in the outcome of an argument. If to win an argument is to ‘destroy’ one’s opponent, then I prefer eternal war to a discussion that should bring it to an end. See what I did there?

You aren’t that fucking smart. Give it a break, my dude.

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