Ramping Up Writing – Join The Monarch Writers Online Discord Group For Inspiration and Community

Hey writers! I’m getting excited about some progress I’m ramping up into in my novel-in-progress as quarantine is loosening and the season is changing from Spring to Summer. Looking forward to getting some big chunks of writing done. If you want to join the online community of The Monarch Writers, come check out our homepage, with our Discord Server where you can hang out, chat, and share your work.

I’ve been posting a bunch of National Novel Writing Month Write-In videos to write along to. And there’s a space where you can ‘Plan Your Write’ to discuss what you are aiming at for that day or whatever period of time you’re shooting toward a goal to achieve.

I’m Expanding the Scope For My Novel The Skein

But also honing my vision and trying to really figure out what it’s all about. You can follow along with what I’m currently work on with it here.

About ‘The Skein’ – Read Previous Posts Re: The Skein

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