Putting the Posting of My First Novel on Hold – What I Have Up So Far of ‘Condition Oakland’ Will Remain, But I Need to Do Rewrites on the Second Half

I Have A Present. It Is The Present. (You Have To Learn To Find It Within You.)

After getting some feedback on my first novel from my friend Jennifer I have been thinking about doing some rewrites. I had been posting, in serial on this blog, the work, titled ‘CONDITION OAKLAND: CONFESSIONS OF A NAÏVE PUNK WITH A HEART FULL OF ARSON, AND OH, HOW THE WORLD DOTH QUAKE & BURN’. I am also in the midst of writing my new novel ‘THE SKEIN’ so I have to make a decision. I don’t have time to work on rewrites of Condition Oakland in earnest, and I don’t think it needs too major of an overhaul, just some tweaking, but perhaps what is up may get some interest in the project and encourage some publisher’s interest at a later time, when rewrites will be more feasible. I don’t plan on posting the rest of current book as is, though, for the time being. I read through bits the other night and found it lacking, so I’ll hold off. But feel free to leave me comments on what I have up so far.

I’d really love to get it out to people, but I don’t want to post something that isn’t my best effort, and ask people to spend time with something that doesn’t have a payoff, so I won’t do that. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get things going, get more writing out there, picking up the pace and publish more work, and maybe make this writing career legit happen. I am grateful to have had articles published on Cyberpunks.com recently, that has been awesome. I am just now starting to find the balance of working on a novel and freelancing though.

I’ll be putting in more work on the writers group I run The Monarch Writers, now that we are back doing in person meetups. You can check out our web site with helpful posts for writers at TheMonarchWriters.com, and if you happen to be in the St. Louis area you can meet up with us.

Here’s what has been posted of Condition Oakland thus far, I’d really love your feedback and if you happen to be in publishing or have interest in reading more, feel free to drop me a line:


The novel follows high school student and itinerant punk rocker Tim Davis, the frontman of the band DOWN WITH STRANGERS. They have a simple mission: To start a complete cultural revolution. Dressed to the 9’s in the alienation and loneliness, he came to dance, and he’ll be damned if you want to send him home for having his hair dyed. His heart bleeding down his sleeve, he stands side by side with his bandmates, Lane, Mark, and Sidney, with some good friends and music lovers gathered around, ready to get this shit started.


Track 1
Intro: Setting the Needle Spinning

Chapter 1: An Upstanding Learning Environment
Chapter 2: A New Religion is Kneaded
Chapter 3: The Triumvirate
Chapter 4: The Super Secret Experiment Lab
Chapter 5: Leaving Division
Track 2
Chapter 6: Smoke and Mirrors
Chapter 7 : ARCADIA
Chapter 8: Wheels and Gizmos
Chapter 9: A Run for the Border
Chapter 10: Secret Organization
Track 3
Chapter 11: Fire Proof
Chapter 12: Song Fu
Chapter 13: Welcome Back to School
Chapter 14: Gerunding Fun
Track 4
Chapter 15: Mid March: An Ode
Chapter 16: The Else
Track 5
Chapter 17: Variations on a Theme
Chapter 18: Waytressing
Track 6
Chapter 19: Mystery and Wisdom Traditions
Chapter 20: Swim
Chapter 21: The Bridge
Chapter 22: The Love Song of T. Jeremy Davis
Track 7
Chapter 23: Conga-Rats
Chapter 24: Shaking Hands with the Medicine –

Chapter 25: Good as New, Like Old Times

Track 8
Chapter 26: For the Record

Hidden Track* * *

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