Al Gore Comes Out In Public Address Demanding If Trump Gets To Be Re-Instated, He Gets to Be President For a Term First After Bush Stole Florida From Him

Judge Robert Rosenberg of the Broward County Canvassing Board uses a magnifying glass to examine a dimpled chad on a punch card ballot on November 24, 2000 during a vote recount in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“So long as we’re kicking around sleeping dogs, if I may,” said the former statesman turned public rep for the climate change awareness cause. “I was silent for too long thinking that I was doing the right thing for America by not raising a stink when there was clearly something fishy going on in Florida in the 2000 Election. My handlers told me the only way to save America and not draw things out, literally tearing the fabric of the country apart with my grandstanding was to CONCEDE. Well, listen here chu-cha-cho. I am taking a hint from this Mr. Trump and saying, if he is going to call his followers to arms to overthrow this country so he gets to be ‘installed’ in August, I think it is only fair that the Democrats take up my cause and see that I get four years in the oval office first. I am a very sober man, even boring I’ve heard people say. But gosh-dang-nabbit I was wronged! That smarmy Bush idiot took my chance to really make some changes! I was going to be the first President with an electric motorcade and… well, all I have to say is, it’s time, followers. Al Gore fans, assemble! We are doing what we should have done in 2000! Put on your fanciest buffalo helmet, and come with me! This dog sleeps no more! We’re taking this bitch!”

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