Joe Biden Dons Cloak and Cape To Enter Catacombs To Partake In Holy Communion From Persecuted Catholic Priest Sect That Aren’t Total Assholes

The U.S. Constitution has a separation of church and state so that politicians can hold religious beliefs while not imposing their beliefs on constituents that don’t share their beliefs. This is how a rational society works in conjunction with religious belief which shades into the otherworldly. The alternative is theocracy and unreason. But some religious people have an issue with not being in total control of the world. Even if the leader of the country shares their views, they will chastise that person if that person reasonably refuses to make their personal belief the law of the land. U.S. Bishops are trying to issue a decree that Joe Biden cannot receive communion for simply keeping abortion legal and not mandating Catholic religion decides the law of the U.S. because Biden is Catholic. But thankfully, Biden will be able to receive communion from a secret sect of Catholic Priests who aren’t total assholes. Much like the original Christians hiding in catacombs from persecution from Rome, Biden dons a robe and sneaks into the catacombs to take holy communion outside the eyes of the discriminating church.

Mystery monk praying on kneels in dark temple corridor

God still loves you, Joe Biden. The church is clearly going through some shit right now.

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