Rich People Paying Taxes is.. Uh.. Basic Infrastructure

Unless you’re country is some fucked up country club for kleptocratic assholes to graze their bucolic mass-market zombie herds on, paying in to the structure of society should be a fucking given for your richest citizens.

In the film the omega man, after the collapse of society, Charlton Heston tells the would be rebuilders who have it in their minds to build without rationality only basing their intentions on the grievances of the order that led to their present state of devestation… “BUILD COFFINS. IT’S ALL YOU’LL NEED.”

Of course Heston is seen as the conservator grinning shitkicker, NRA Moses with the law of God in his craggy hands. And how! But if our fucked up society don’t grow a fucking brain and realize the destruction-prevention correlate to the people who want to MAINTAIN this lovely status of living we’ve built up in the latter day, and thus work to DISMANTLE an order of leaching, soul-destroying exploitation of every man woman and child trying to have a goddam day in this life for 1% who is (as the already-zombie turned would have it) drinking baby’s blood out of some raped child’s skull… There’s another motto that needs spreading…

You don’t want to pay? Well, as all of us realize, that was always an option. Lock and load your semi-automatic while you can John Nada, and spread the word of peace and prosperity for the future: “BUILD GUILLOTINES. IT’S ALL YOU’LL NEED.”

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