Fox News Either Fully Realizes Or Has Failed to Consider that People Legitimately Hate their Version of ‘White Culture’ and DO Wish it Death.

I am white.

This dude, is a travesty:

Tucker Carlson is a sophist, and in this age of digital media, he uses manipulated footage and edited segments to further the aim of sophists. Sophists are those who are paid or have a special interest in making the weaker argument appear the stronger, in other words, constructing lies and foisting them as strong arguments.

As the man himself says: “It is designed to confuse you.”

His guests are either carefully chosen to be caricatures and foils, poor representations of an opposition he can shadow box with. Or, if someone gets through and does challenge his narrative, as in the clip dissected below, he has a panic attack and shuts down the show. This is in no way real debate or even opinion reporting. It is a meticulous construction of white supremacist talking points, mostly designed to make his followers angry, and to promote civil unrest. Migrants are depicted as ‘invading hordes’, civil rights protesters are ‘rampaging animals’ and never is one called to feel human empathy, for the entire goal of the show is to dehumanize both the other, and the viewer.

Jon Stewart called out Tucker for what he is and how he does it fifteen years ago and got him fired from MSNBC for the skilled takedown. But Tucker found a home at Fox News.

You can’t shoot him, cause then he’s a martyr. What I propose is a targeted campaign to simply expose the man as a fraud. Follow him around with cameras. Prank him. Make a TV show around following him around. Someone this dangerous to the civil discourse in our nation should not have a moment’s rest. And I will stand by that.

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