I Like Girls Who Are Quiet

Some men see things as they are and ask, “”Why?””

Some dream things that never were and ask, “”Why not?”

Some look at what’s left and say, “what happened?”

Some look back and say, “what do you want from me?” as they walk, gone.

Some see a bird fly and dream wings’ construction

Some get right to the delicate work on placement, and a cage,

I once saw someone so surprised by his vision

He tried to reach under his eyelids, to pull out the miraculously evolved instruments

I saw one sleep so long that when he woke, he tore off seeking an eye opener worthy of all the lost time in the world

I asked a bartender type, or anyway, a professional listener, what to make of my insides

He told me we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are

And to look within, one should take at the very least a ladder, flashlight, and some rope

if one can, you oughta bring along some help

I saw one staring at the sky, laying on a green hilly grass carpet

and realize now it was a different thing to approach such a one

than the stranger I saw staring up into the void on a busy street, perceived to block foot traffic

questionable, a plaintive why, to give out with either concern or grievous charge

of a separate throat

Some men see things and remain unperturbed

though heaven trembles for a witness

some men keep watch and drink groundwater till their belly bursts

Some are blind

Some without reason

Some going hungry

Some long dead and

Forgotten by

The beings causing, making question

Some deserve thought, Some devour time

I’d like to meet someone who never asks a single question

But arrogance upon their lips, looks at me with that wrinkled brow

Like if I were to interrupt the silence

I’d just be muttering, another lie

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