Lifehacker Releases List of ’20 Obscenely Patriotic Movies’ Just In Time For The Fourth of July

20 of the Most Obscenely Patriotic Movies Ever

It’s the Fourth of July, America. Celebrate with some ultra-violence.

Ross Johnson

Raise a glass, America. It’s the Fourth of July. Independence Day. Your special day. Why not celebrate with an over-the-top, ultra-violent action spectacular celebrating the can-explode spirit of the country that we all love?

Patriotism means a lot of things to a lot of people, and these movies all try, bless ‘em, to exemplify shining American ideals… but with mixed results and some, uh, different ideas about what it means to love your country. They all do have at least one thing in common: explosions. Lots of ‘em. Wherever these films sit on the American political spectrum, they all pretty much agree that rugged individualism backed by heavy firepower is the way to go.

Given that it’s fireworks season anyway, we might just as well sit back and enjoy a movie that lights up the screen with love of the grand old U.S. of A… and also of things that explode real good (given that it is also wildfire season, probably best not to actually set anything alight). These are movies that don’t just say “America!” They say, “America? Fuck yeah!”


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