The Only Girl I’ve Ever Loved Was An UnderCover Cop Who Turned Us Over When We Got Too Close To The Stronghold Of This Network

I am Amused by the simplicity of this game

If I like a song

I click the heart

And the machine keeps the track

It can remember

How it felt

To listen up

To give attention back

If I hunker down

The splash screen says, when I boot up the device

It’s been hot out there, here’s some nice shows to watch

While you’re hiding away inside

What a comfort, 

All watched over by machines of loving grace

Take no thought for the morrow

The evil of today is sufficient unto itself

If you don’t worry yourself too much

Unto the source of the river’s flow

The bodies coming down the stream

It’s not your bother who is doing the corpses’ throw

If you dance to remember

Your energy is nicely spent

On a vacation forgetting

How the days of war have been 

If you dance to forget

The mirror balls

Send shards of nostalgic arterial dark

Through the heart of municipal tutelage

<Outside isn’t a part of us all?>

The best moves I can maneuver

The hottest takes I can partake

The most knife I can deliver

Could be my own head on a stake

If I close door this garage kingdom

If I bootdown the upstart

I I shed a tear for malice

I I admit it broke my heart

If we gather in a clearing

If the forest burns by art

If a lamplight slakes the thirsty

I still challenge you not

To fall apart

It’s not a cold meridian of conspiring

But a blanket safely blanking

The sheer terror of the night

What do all men with power want?

More power, and so, feint heart

I spend my nights looking for

A conspiracy

inWhich it’s worthy to take part

To overthrow

Such kingdoms, worry

To clandestinely

Lips, smack, drive bulwark



Tout Smart

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