The Peasants – Are Revolting!, While Massive Golden Billionaire Phalluses Spray Hope Across the Sky

To slip the surly bonds of earth

And flash my ass at God

The poor kids in their base currency

Of memetics and – just a bunch of jokes

Distract themselves pointing at my DICK

‘His rocket looks like a cock’ huh huh

Butt-head games are necessary

To dissuade the anger of the rabble

The news coverage was a windfall

But the feeling of being weightless

AND at the same time – having upon me and 

Giant Cock – The Eyes of All The World

The scientists who work for me, have bla bla

Done wonders, made these boosters bla bla recoverable

Re-usable, don’t concern yourselves with your dying

World young prime competitive types

You wanna know how it felt 

When the chute releases, and you laugh your bald fucking face off

Knowing a million anarchists express some muffled disappointment

That you didn’t explode

  • I tell you, my rocket wasn’t recovered unto the earth

The earth recovered itself to me

Like a fire spray facial to the ex wife who took 

Half of the empire in the divorce

Atlas, upon his shoulders, carries the whole world

I am a new born, earth-shed space baby, my snake skin unravels and falls out of the sky

Upon an unbelieving populace in shock at the present

I will be your supervillain

Look up into the sky

It’s your boy Jeff, – and yesss I called it ‘Blue Origin’
Because my slaves, placing bricks into 

a pyramid, a scheme, a tribute, to ME

Ain’t seen nothing yet

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