Amy Coney Barrett is On a Divine Mission To Gentrify Your Womb: What The World Needs Now

Rich know-it-all do-gooder chuckle fucks on a march to nail some rules to the cider-house, but you’ll be damned if you ever try to see them same elite pricks pulled down here in the real world with the rest of us ASKED TO LIVE BY THOSE SAME RULES.

Abortion Will Always Be Legal For the Rich

I for one am tired of these mother father snakes on this monday-to-friday plane

“Never do business with a religious son-of-a-bitch. His word ain’t worth a shit — not with the Good Lord telling him how to fuck you on the deal.” – WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS

P.S. God Told Abraham to murder someone and if he hadn’t gone to do it, he would have been a bad person. You think about that next time God tells you to murder people, won’t you?

Forget it Jake, It’s the Cider House Rules

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