Madison Cawthorn vows ‘Bloodshed’ after Congressional Commisary Cancels Taco Tuesdays

Saying he would roll his wheelchair through the tide of corpses and flowing blood if he was not given the tacos he so deserved, Madison Cawthorn gave a rousing speech to supporters of awesome violence, tyrannical lambasting rhetoric, and dudes in wheelchairs who are not even sort of suspecting they are just as liable as any other poor chucklefuck in America to get clocked in the face? I mean I once punched a guy so hard his wheelchair rolled back ten feet- anyway, in the speech he said ‘They want to take our tacos. Without tacos, we will not even have a country to fight for anymore. So tuesday, I want you to come crispy, with as many shells as your automatic weapons can carry. And we will show them what it means to be supreme!”

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