TikToker Makes Script to Flood Texas Abortion ‘Whistleblower’ Site With Fake Info – Vice Reblog


An activist has made a script to flood a Texas website used to solicit information on people seeking abortions with fabricated data, according to a TikTok video from the developer and Motherboard’s test of the tool. The developer, whose social media identifies him as Sean Black, also made an iOS shortcut making it easier for non-technical activists to participate as well.

The news highlights the virulent reaction to Texas’ draconian abortion law, which went into effect overnight on Wednesday after the Supreme Court voted to not act on the law. The law bans abortion of fetuses over 6 weeks old—many women are not even aware they are pregnant until after that time—and allows abortion providers, people who seek abortions, and even those who drive people to receive an abortion to be sued and potentially pay damages of at least $10,000. An anti-abortion group called Texas Right to Life recently launched a website for people to report those who have violated the law.ADVERTISEMENT

“To me the McCarthyism era tactics of turning neighbors against each other over a bill I feel is a violation of Roe V Wade is unacceptable. There are people on TikTok using their platform to educate and do their part. I believe this is me doing mine,” Black told Motherboard in an email.

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