Why Now is A Great Time For ya Boys To Embrace Militant Feminism

We Need Each Other.

Ol’ Boy Nietzsche said “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.”

Alternatively… The Monsters are always out there. That’s how the world is. Best way they don’t take root in your heart… Take someone you love by the hand, and hunt together.


When your heart shows up
All doorstep, with burnt clothes and tear drop eyes
A beat up, pushed down, singing story,
Wringing from breathed sighs,

I would grasp for, Dear, I Love You
Taught this Curest every ill,
While you flash small recognition,
For your inner urge to kill

But now I swing much further toward you
Unlearning empathetic fright,
In the space less of a post strophe’ease–

I grab the nearest sight of FIRE!

Us Let Do It! Tossing, Spinning
Home run end into your grip
A baseball bat, you choke up vis’bly
Portal’s torches blink brightly lit…

On the precipice of hunting
At the hour of our revenge
I chastise us, “It’s so easy to love weapons.”
And then you flash those switchblade eyes
You grasp my hand and issue, ‘Quickly!’
And we chase pain into the night…

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