Cyberpunk Day! is October 10th. Mark Your Calendars. 10102021

A group of cyberpunk writers and creators are putting together a day to celebrate the genre and, going forward, marking a day to bring aspects of the genre and culture out to play. Rather than let corporate interests dictate what Cyberpunk ‘is’, the organizers of Cyberpunk Day feel it’s better to let each person interested in the books, films, music, art, and ideas of cyberpunk, as fans of something that speaks to them individually, decide for themselves what it means to them. Putting the ‘punk’ back in Cyberpunk, the ethos is anti-authority, inclusive, and encourages expression.

And in that spirit,


was born.

Check out the details and get involved. Right now this is a fledgling project, but you can help make it into an annual event that helps the genre and culture thrive!

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